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Every exhibitor will be giving a personalized presentation about their products and services at their booth

Here is a layout of booth locations

Abby Windows And Exteriors
Home windows, doors, roofing, gutters, siding, and baths.

Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates
Free trigger point massages.

Ascended Gifts, LLC -  Spiritual Advisor-Serelle
She will be doing Tarot Readings and is able to connect & channel the higher Angelic & Spiritual realms, giving you answers & directions for your daily life.  Gypsy's Hope (Margot Jackson) will be available with her.
Website | Email

B&M Accounting & Tax services
Offers peace of mind, body, & spirit for individuals & businesses of all sizes. We are a woman owned & operated Accounting and Tax firm whose experts specialize in one-on-one attention for individuals & entrepreneurs.

Bath Fitter --- Adam Paschen
Custom Tub/Shower Remodels. Free estimates for a brand new customized acrylic bathtub or shower.

BFITBHealthy4Life --- Heidi Hoefler
Heidi is a certified health & life coach. She trained in Mind-Body Eating Nutrition through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating & works with people on weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges and various nutrition related health concerns. She advanced her health coach knowledge & skills by becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that broadened her understanding & awareness with weight management, nutrition, and the mind-body connection. From her own struggles with IBS, fatigue, food sensitivities, and Hashimoto, she focuses on gut health & is a Certified Gluten Free Practitioner & Gut Health Coach. Her mission is to help you get on your path to wellness to live an abundant life. Your body is talking to you--are you listening?

Bionica Dental Wellness --Dr. Udoka Holinbeck
The mouth is the gateway to the body! Learn how holistic dentistry can reduce toxic exposures, optimize your total-body health & reduce your risks for Alzheimer's, stroke, heart attack & other ailments.

Cara Carón Concepts
Cara has beena practicing clairvoyant since 1990. Looks into relationships, family, life, personal, and professional. She is also a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regressions.
"How Would It Be If Your Life Got Easier?"

Connect Chiropractic Dr. Alex Young
Free health assessments for a neurological chiropractic evaluation.

Creative Horizons --Jeffery Kreger
My Story on How I Beat Cancer & How It Worked.

Culligan Water
Bottled water, reverse osmosis, Bottle free. Water for all of life's moments.

DawnZ Table -- Dawn
Psychic Medium, Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Lives, Oracle card readings.

Deborah Lighthart
With almost 30 years of experience, Deborah is offering intuitive tarot readings, energy clearing and handmade personal products.

Donna Fit 4 Life LLC
Start your healthy journey with meal plans, and physical training.

Dragons Supplements LLC --Davion Mitchell
We sell a USDA certified organic all natural energy drink for pre-workout containing super foods and herbs that's also free of harmful synthetic ingredients with no crash or jitters.

Einstein World Healing -- Omar
Liberate Mind & Body with Einstein Methods. Release TENS OF THOUSANDS of Stagnant Heavy Tension Energy units so there is room in 300 trillion other cells for infusions of Spiritual Reiki Energy of Light & Love in each inhaling breath.

Equilibrex® Energy Balancing Pendant - SPONSOR
Designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of stress and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and increase energy.
(414) 349-4932 | Website

EverDry Waterproofing
Healthy home living is a must!  Free information on basement waterproofing and E.Z Breathe Basement Ventilation System.

Growing Roots Wellness
Explore Enagic's innovative line of water ionizers, designed to transform tap water into healthy, alkaline hydrogen rich Kangen Water. Join satisfied customers worldwide who trust Enagic for their hydration needs & enjoy Kangen Water every day. See different models of Kangen Water machines. Enagic also offers Ukon Turmeric capsules, a dietary supplement made from Okinawan Turmeric with added Kangen Water.

Gypsy's Hope, LLC -- Margot Jackson
Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Reflexology Teacher

The Illumination Realm LLC
Susan Mulheran will be providing readings involving conscious channeling, psychic mediumship, interspecies communication, energy healing & light language, whatever is needed for your highest benefit.

Isha Foundation
Inner Engineering -- Technologies for wellbeing. An experimental step-by-step process with the power to transform your life with the essence of yoga.

Jeff Kreger My Cancer Cure Story

Jena Biermann Channeling
Jena is a psychic healer & Reiki Master teacher. She specializes in healing at the soul-level in the Akashic Records. By examining past lives we can uncover the root causes of health, relationships, financial & other life difficulties.

JoLo's Vital Mind Body Therapy
We are demonstrating the use of our Opus vibroacoustic soundbed for physical & mental therapeutic healing & overall wellness. We also will discuss our hypnotherapy practice.

L'Bri Pure n' Natural Beth Thierfelder
Aloe based natural skin care, wellness, and cosmetics for All ages

Leaf Guard
One piece gutter system. No cleaning, no leaking, no clogging & no water damage.

Lightworker Ascension
Spirit Animal readings. Come hear what your power animals have to say and how they can continue to work with you on your spiritual and personal growth.

Marie Muhammad Jewelry

Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center
Disease Prevention starts in the kitchen. Learn what healthy eating looks like.

Natural Awakenings Magazine - SPONSOR
Healthy and sustainable lifestyle magazine. Free, locally-owned publication is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life.
(262) 623-7948 | Website

Psychic Readings by Paris
Psychic & tarot card readings

Renewed You Reflexology --Linda Utecht
Reflexology. This complimentary therapy is an energy medicine that maps a reflection of the body onto the feet or hands. Areas on your feet or hands are stimulated and these areas can relieve tension/stress which can assist your body's ability to heal itself.

Restore Spine And Wellness
This is a chiropractic & wellness office that provides unique & individualized care without the cookie-cutter approach. We offer stool, blood, urine & saliva testing plus supplements.

Rise With Ease
Handcrafted crystal jewelry infused with light & Reiki.

Rose's Botanica -- Dionne Wade
Spiritual Wellness Supplies. We provide natural products that create remedies for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Roxy's Natural Cleaning LLC
Rest Easy & Rest Healthy. Roxy's Natural Cleaning is committed to getting the job done without he use of harmful chemicals.

Scents & Accessories Company
Specializes in "Grade A" perfume oils which are 100% oil --no alcohol. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!!! We also offer watches.

St. Michael's /PSA Consulting
Clairvoyant, Healer & Consultant. PSA A Positive Spiritual Attitude. Our focus is on healing, miracles, deliverance and personal wholeness. Come & see what the energy has for you.

State of WI.--Board on Aging & Long Term Care
Ombudsman/Advocacy Services for Long Term Care

Susan Lukas Medium, healer, author
She offers healing from the highest realms, & her channeled books & art

SuperBodies, Inc.® - SPONSOR
SuperBodies is an international health and fitness oriented corporation that provides seminars, consultations, and personal fitness training for all ages.
(414) 349-4932

Tarrien's Tarot
15 years of reading experience, assists with connections, creativity, and direction. Energy reader.

TPS Wellness --Tom Spiros
Tom has over 20 years in bodywork therapy. He is a self-therapy coach, LMT, & author of therapy books. He teaches how to practice techniques that treat pain, maximize healing, and increase overall health. See the self-massage therapy tools & books at his booth.

Vintage Vases -- Karen
Vases and Luminaries by Artists such as Tiffany, Monet, Van Gogh, etc.

Visette - Essential oil blends - Kimberly Pratt
Visette products are hand mixed in small batches using only natural & pure ingredients. We make aroma therapy easy--throughout the day & on the go.

Wind Song Spirit--Journey through Art & Spirit
Handcrafted items to support your spiritual growth. Dream catchers, Mandala Meditation stones, Chakra sets, Animal spirit stones, locally grown Sweetgrass braids, Lavender & Flaxseed Warming/Cooling pillows, and more.
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