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Every exhibitor will be giving a personalized presentation about their products and services at their booth

Here is a layout of booth locations

Advantage Chiropractic LLC Dr. Evan Norum
Chiropractic Thermal Scans and Five minute complimentary massages
EvanNorum@gmail.com. - Booth #10

Angelic Roots
Crystal art, jewelry, crystals, biomats, and Reiki healing.
Website - Booth #4 and 5

Animal Connecting & Healing Aimee Lawent Beach
Animal Communication/telepathic interspecies communication. Bring a photo of your animal with their eyes showing (phone pic ok) "Speak" with your animal and learn what he/she wants you to know.
Website - Booth #38

Ascended Gifts, LLC by Serelle
New age gifts to help celebrate your spirituality. Spiritual products, Tarot/angel readings, Reiki healings.
Website - Booth #23

Barbara Kruck
Behavioral intuitive and multi-deck spirit reader specializing in Oracle & Native American Animal Totem Cards to strengthen your mind, body & soul connection.
Website - Booth #25

Bath Fitter-- Kristy Hargarten
Seamless custom tub/shower remodel
Website - Booth #36

Cara Carón Concepts
Cara has beena practicing clairvoyant since 1990. Looks into relationships, family, life, personal, and professional. She is also a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regressions.
"How Would It Be If Your Life Got Easier?"
Website. Booth # 1

Christina Colorez Akashic Records Readings
Website. Booth # 44

Come Alive, LLC Barb Basaj

Energize your body with Thai yoga, your mind with Higher Brain Living, and support your nervous and immune systems with Prime My Body nanoenhanced hemp oil. Offering Thai yoga 10 minute mini sessions.
Website. Booth # 29

Courtney Dayne Harmonious Angels

Angel Oracle Card Readings. She works with high frequency, Angelic energy to assist you in connecting with your angels.
Website. Booth # 2

DoTerra Essential Oils
These essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  We harness nature's powerful elements and share these gifts with the community.
Website - Booth #19

Earthly Insights Kimberly Fisher
Organic hand made lotions, salts, bath teas, oils, and grounding mats.
Website - Booth #18

Equilibrex® Energy Balancing Pendant - SPONSOR
Designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of stress and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and increase energy.
(414) 349-4932 | Website - Booth #13

EverDry - Jamey Berger
Healthy home living is a must!  Free information on basement waterproofing and E.Z Breathe Basement Ventilation System.
Website Booth #37

Firefly Reiki Mary Engelbart
Reiki and Lenormand card readings
Booth #38

Fisher Family Chiropractic--Dr. Bobby Fisher
Free computerized health screenings.
Website. Booth #6

George Sand - Master in Palmistry
42 years of reading palms
Booth #23

Health Bracelets and Rings - Phil Nocerino
True Frequency Products at the New Cutting Edge Technology that is taking the world by storm with all the natural pain relief and good health.  This is NOT Copper or NO Magnet.  It is all natural grounding frequency that is the same frequency of the Earth.
Website. Booth #7

Infinite Reflections Dorothy Roubik-Ellenbecker
Heart to Heart unique wire wrapped jewelry and cabachons
dorothy.roubik@gmail.com. Booth #42

Kenya Star Harris Angel Card Readings
Enjoy insightful guidance from your Angels! Health, love, relationships or a deeper understanding of your life purpose are all revealed.
Website - Booth # 40

Kevay Kuntana Thakur
Himalayan pink salt beauty products and salt lamps & inhalers
Website - Booth # 43

Kim Regnitz Song of the Heart
Kim is a Holographic multidimensional transformational intuitive facilitator/personal & business coach! She will be offering mini sessions
Website - Booth # 2

Kristy Westbrook
Tarot, palm, Rune readings, psychic readings, psychic art & sketches, incense, gem stones, candles PLUS related products.
Website - Booth # 3

L’Bri Pure n’ Natural - Beth Thierfelder
Aloe Based natural skin care, wellness, and cosmetics for ALL ages that are safe, natural, effective, and affordable.
Website. - Booth #21

Lindsey Klein Amare Global
We create natural mental wellness products for a community of people who desire an extraordinary life. Empowering others to live happier and healthier lives
Website - Booth # 27

Natural Awakenings Magazine - SPONSOR
Healthy and sustainable lifestyle magazine. Free, locally-owned publication is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life.
(414) 841-8693 | Website - Booth # 41

Nature's Pathways Magazine - SPONSOR
Community based monthly magazine and online resource for health information.
Website - Booth #

Optimal Performance Health Center - Dr. Corey VanWesten
We offer FREE computerized Neurological and Bio mechanical Health screening and Wellness Assessments.  We are chiropractors, physical therapists, message therapists, dietitians, and sports medicine practitioners. 
Website. Booth # 20

Pamela Parpart
Chakra healing art and soul messages from Jesus
Website. Booth #39

People & Pets Energetics Mark Hernandez
Onsite Body Code sessions to help when you or your pet has "hit the wall" with a health or well-being issue. Advanced Ashwork consultations.
Website. Booth #17

Reflexology by Lynne

Hand, Foot, or Facial reflexology. Sessions: $15 / 15 min; $25 / 30 min; $40 / 45 min.

Website. Booth #11

Rhoda Leigh Psychic-medium readings
chamuel444@sbcglobal.net Booth #44

Rosen Wellness, LLC

Nutritional consulting and nutritional supplements.  Improving your health through nutrition. Individualized programs designed based on a nutritional evaluation, Nutrition Response Testing, and Blood Chemistry Analysis.  Website. Booth #17

Sacred Lotus Heart Hailey Ahanna Hinson

Animal communication, Intuitive Readings/Healings from Mystic Hailey A. Hinson
Website. Booth #31

Shaman's Dream with Michael Whitcomb

Displays of a large selection of crystals, gems, minerals and jewelry to aid you in your spiritual work. Michael will be offering aura readings, astrology readings,and intuitive tarot readings. See facebook.
Website. Booth #12

Share International (Nonprofit) Tess Reiss

Free Information about transmission meditation and Maitreya, the world teacher.
Website. Booth #22

SuperBodies, Inc.® - SPONSOR
SuperBodies is an international health and fitness oriented corporation that provides seminars, consultations, and personal fitness training for all ages.
(414) 349-4932 - Booth #13

Susan Lukas Spiritual Journey
Life Messages and spiritual books and art. Author, prophet, medium, and artist, Susan Lukas is connected to the highest realms.
Website - Booth #39

Tami Friday LLC Energy Blast Healing Sessions
Tami Friday offers 15 minute Energy Blast Healing Sessions. They are fast & powerful and use a wand-like tool to focus healing energy to the Chakras & main body areas for improved well-being.
Website - Booth #26

This office combines Eastern and Western therapeutic message techniques to promote an invigorating, stimulating overall full body massage.
Website - Booth #14

Whispers of Love Linda Roberts
Animal Communication, Intuitive Readings/Healings from Shaman Linda Roberts
Website - Booth #31

Wildtree Sandy G
Booth #33.5

Willowrokk Coterie Cherie Winquist & Peter Wisla
Wind chimes, Scottish sterling silver jewelry, Celtic art, wildlife porcelain pendants, art boards, Himalayan salt products, bonsai trees, and other high quality products to guide your path of personal & spiritual enlightenment.
Website - Booth #34 & 35