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Every exhibitor will be giving a personalized presentation about their products and services at their booth

Here is a layout of booth locations

102.1 FM Radio
Stacy.Deprey@milwaukeeradio.com - Booth #32

Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates
Free trigger point massages.
Website - Booth #15

Acu-Med Integrative Medicine LLC - Sunny Rex
Acupuncture, Gonstead Chiropractic, Massage, Essential Oil, Micro-Needling, Hair Restoration.Free Posture Screening.
Website - Booth #8

Advantage Chiropractic LLC Dr. Evan Norum
Chiropractic Thermal Scans and Five minute complimentary massages
Website - Booth # 41

Amazing Grace Spa & Gracie's Essential Oils
Traditional & Holistic Spa Services with a fully stacked aromatherapy retail store featuring Young Living, Aloha Bay, CBD and more! 
Website - Booth # 6

Animal Connecting & Healing - Aimee Lawent Beach
Learn more about your pet. Aimee will "tune in" and let you know what your pet thinks, feels, and desires. Bring a photo of your pet with their eyes showing. NO PETS ALLOWED, Additional services are animal energy healing & intuitive readings for people.
Website - Booth #31

Angelic Roots
Crystal art, jewelry, crystals, biomats, and Reiki healing.
Website - Booth #2 and 3

Ascended Gifts, LLC by Serelle
New age gifts to help celebrate your spirituality. Spiritual products, Tarot/angel readings, Reiki healings.
Website - Booth #23

Attune Aura Photography - Dianne Reddington
Dianne will produce a photo of your body's invisible electromagnetic field (aura/energy), and give you a personal interpretation of your colors..
Website - Booth #12

Barbara Kruck
Behavioral intuitive and multi-deck spirit reader specializing in Oracle & Native American Animal Totem Cards to strengthen your mind, body & soul connection.
Website - Booth #25

Bath Fitter-- Kristy Hargarten
Seamless custom tub/shower remodel
Website - Booth #35

Bemer --Jane Storck
Bemer uses a pulsing magnetic field to recharge cells. Because of better blood flow, the average person can expect a variety of positive health related improvements.
Website - Booth #16

Body Boutique - Noel Brue
The Body Boutique is a full service private health and fitness lifestyle center offering: boot camp classes, personal training, nutrition coaching and MUCH MORE.
Website - Booth #27

Brenda Bimo Divine Touch Intuitive reader
Emotional empowerment & Healing Therapies
Website - Booth #31

Cara Carón Concepts
Cara has beena practicing clairvoyant since 1990. Looks into relationships, family, life, personal, and professional. She is also a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regressions.
"How Would It Be If Your Life Got Easier?"
Website. Booth # 1

Deborah Lighthart Heart-Light Healing Community (Face Book)
I will be offering energy healing and intuitive readings.  RSVP on my Meetups & get a free gift.  Just come to my booth & say "Hi, I'm in your meetup," and get a prize.
Website - Booth #29

DeEtte Ranae
Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive
Website - Booth # 40

DoTerra Essential Oils
Susan Paul will educate you on how essential oils can be used as self care wellness alternative.
Website - Booth #19

Dr. Brian Kurth & Kristine Pfeil, CMT
Website - Booth #20

Equilibrex® Energy Balancing Pendant - SPONSOR
Designed to strengthen your resistance to the effects of stress and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and increase energy.
(414) 349-4932 | Website - Booth #13

EverDry - Jamey Berger
Healthy home living is a must!  Free information on basement waterproofing and E.Z Breathe Basement Ventilation System.
Website Booth #36

Evolved Crystals & Gems
I create blessed gemstone bracelets to alter your inner condition and brake down subconscious energy that holds you back.  You will increase and strengthen your potential to make change.  Healing bracelets & mala necklaces.
Evolvedcrystalsgems@yahoo.com Booth #18

Firefly Reiki Mary Engelbart
Reiki and Lenormand card readings
Booth #37

George Sand - Master in Palmistry
42 years of reading palms
Booth #25

Health Bracelets and Rings - Phil Nocerino
True Frequency Products at the New Cutting Edge Technology that is taking the world by storm with all the natural pain relief and good health.  This is NOT Copper or NO Magnet.  It is all natural grounding frequency that is the same frequency of the Earth.
Website. Booth #7

Healthy Courage Coaching --Anna Paterson
Life & Health coaching
Website. Booth #22

Holistic Home and Hospice - Kate Stephan-Cothell
Highest Quality care for our patients in an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership.
Website. Booth #17

Infinite Reflections Dorothy Roubik-Ellenbecker
Heart to Heart unique wire wrapped jewelry and cabachons
dorothy.roubik@gmail.com. Booth #44

Karla Bucio reader with Firefly Reiki Readings
Booth #37

Kristy Westbrook
Tarot, palm, Rune readings, psychic readings, psychic art & sketches, incense, gem stones, candles PLUS related products.
Website - Booth # 3

L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL - Beth Thierfelder
Aloe Based natural skin care, wellness, and cosmetics for ALL ages that are safe, natural, effective, and affordable.
Website. - Booth #21

Light Code Activation & Spirit Gallery with Lisa Gniady & Sonia Illescas
Lisa is a certified Intuitive Life  coach & Sonia is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.  They will be giving readings to help you grow & evolve on your spiritual path.
Website. - Lisa - Website. - Sonia - Booth #11

Natural Awakenings Magazine - SPONSOR
Healthy and sustainable lifestyle magazine. Free, locally-owned publication is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life.
(414) 841-8693 | Website - Booth # 41

Nature's Galleria
We offer unique creations from nature using crystals, minerals, driftwood, and plants
Website - Booth # 28

Nefertem - Brittany Hogan
Handcrafted, holistic skin care products. Aromatheropy+Good Vibes=Nefertem Hollistic skin care.
Website. Booth #42

Nourish Natural Products - Jamie A
Natural personal care & home products. Nourish is on a mission to promote wellness in homes & across communities, one great-for-you product at a time.
Website - Booth # 30

NuSkin/Body Boutique
Plant based skincare products and whitening toothpaste with patents from NuSkin company of 34 years  PLUS  Noel's Body Boutique services.
Website - Booth # 27

Liberate Mind & Body with Einstein Methods.  Release thouands of stagnant heavy tension energy units so there's room in 100 trillion nerve, organ, gland, joint, All cells for infusions of 10X to 50X units of Spiritual Reiki Energy of  Light & Love for each tension released!
Website - Booth # 24

Palmistry with Alicia Sumpter
Booth #23

Prime my Body CBD Oil/Hemp oil & Detox system with Jackie Pullman
Come try our Nanoenhanced hemp oil for people and pets of all ages.  CBD (cannabinoid) is for your health.  For more information call 888-8CBDoil.
Website. Booth #10

Psychic Sisters
The psychic sisters Ellen & Angel both connect at the same time to bring information to light for you.  We do psychic, mediumship, oracle cards, and higher self readings together.
Website. Booth #38

Shaman's Dream with Michael Whitcomb

Displays of a large selection of crystals, gems, minerals and jewelry to aid you in your spiritual work. Michael will be offering aura readings, astrology readings,and intuitive tarot readings. See facebook.
Website. Booth #12

Shameless Soap Co. - Holly Wallin

We offer handcrafted soaps, lotions, washes, cremes, essential oils, family friendly products.
Website. Booth # 33

Solfull Personal & Professional Life Coaching by Morgan Lea

 Morgan is a professional life coach specializing in helping already-amazing women take their lives and careers to the next level.  Discover what's holding you back.
Website. Booth # 9

Southeastern Wisconsin NORML

Website. Booth #16

SuperBodies, Inc.® - SPONSOR
SuperBodies is an international health and fitness oriented corporation that provides seminars, consultations, and personal fitness training for all ages.
(414) 349-4932 - Booth #13

Susan Lukas Spiritual Journey
Life Messages and spiritual books and art. Author, prophet, medium, and artist, Susan Lukas is connected to the highest realms.She offers her controversial novel about reincarnation, Akashic Records readings, and her spiritual art prints.
Website - Booth #39

Tami Friday LLC Energy Blast Healing Sessions
Tami Friday offers 15-minute Mini Energy Blast Healing sessions.  Energy Blast healings are a unique, fast and powerful healing modality utilizing a wand tool.  Option A: Energy Blast with Chakra Balancing utilizes a wand-like dowsing tool to quickly & powerfully balance & clear chakras for improved well-being. Option B: Energy Blast with Insight Reading is a combination of energy healing along with an insightful reading.
Website - Booth #26

Theia Vision Care - Dr. Anna Koeck O.D.
This is a full service optical boutique eye and vision care provider.  We believe caring starts by taking the time to listen to the questions and concerns of our patients.  We provide comprehensive eye exams & gorgeous independent eye wear. Eye care because we care to put your best face forward.
Website - Booth #22

Vibrant Health & Vibrant Life Michele Feltz
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Services
Website - Booth #43

Weather Tight Corporation
Exterior home improvements, $25K home makeover, Wellness gift basket!!!  Wisconsin's most recommended remodeler.
Website - Booth #34

WILDTREE Sandra Goronja
100% Organic foods
Website - Booth #4